Night time: Embracing a past fear

IMG_2642I used to fear the night when I was younger. To me, it seemed to bring eerie vibes. It was a time where monsters would come out to play, and I would lay in my bed yanking the covers over my head as a makeshift shield.

But as I’ve grown older, I’ve come to realize what a relief it truly is.

For me, it is a time where I can calm my mind and form creative thoughts. For others, it may be a chance to “raise the roof” and party. It is a place where people often unwind. Ultimately, it is an escape. Even when we’re sleeping our mind drifts elsewhere, right into la la land.

What I enjoy most about the night is the cool, refreshing, crisp air it brings. Even the sound of crickets in the distance. Something about the air seems so fresh and delighting. Oh, what a different vibe it brings.

The world is too noisy.

But if you’re in the right spot as the sun goes down, there will only be silence. But it’s not an awkward silence, like when you’re standing across from a stranger in an elevator praying the doors open sooner to your floor. It’s a comforting silence… is tranquility. Or maybe you’ll be on the beach, getting to hear the waves softly crash onto the shore as you sit in the cool sand and peer up at the glimmering stars. That, you could describe as soothing.

We all need moments where we can collect the thoughts in our mind and make sense out of them. A time to relax and appreciate what the world has given us.

For me, that is what once was my former fear. Night time. ☽



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