How to Lead a More Positive & Stress-Free Life ❁



Two common obstacles all of us face on a daily basis are stress and negativity. It’s inevitable. However, we have the power to control how much of this stress/negativity will affect our life. It’s not simple and I’ll admit, I’m still learning myself, but I truly believe all of the tips I am about to give you will help cut back negative energy and bring in more positivity.

  1. Leave negative emotions from work at the door

Work is generally our main source of stress. After all, it takes up a huge chunk of our life.  But my #1 tip is to NEVER come home with any negative emotions related to work. It’s easy to come home and bitch about your coworker Becky but my question to you is….why are you letting Becky be your top priority?? When you get home, you should forget about Becky and instead relax with a bubble bath or eat some food. Try to never allow your work to life interfere with your personal life.

2.  Start journaling

If you’re one to keep your emotions bottled up inside, then this is the perfect option for you. Don’t know where to start? First, buy a journal you like. Then, towards the end of the day, pick a comfy spot and put pen to paper. Write about how you’re feeling, thoughts you had earlier in the day or as you’re writing, and pretty much anything at all that you have on your mind in order to declutter yourself. Countless people have stated how much better they feel after doing this simple activity, so see what this can do for you!!

3. Don’t take shit from anybody!!

One of the worst things you can do to yourself is let someone ruin your day. I have let that happen to me several times and I’ve finally realized it’s just not worth it! There are 7 billion people on this planet and you’re really gonna let ONE of those people ruin it? You’re better than that. No matter the person, no matter their title, don’t take shit from anybody.

4. Always have something to look forward to

When I know I’m about to have a stressful day at work, my mom always tells me to have something that I can look forward to when I’m done, as a way of getting me through the day.  It can be something as simple as watching a new episode of your favorite show or going out for dinner, as long as it’s something that makes you happy. If you always have something to look forward to, there should be no excuse for negativity to be the focal point of your day.

5.  Treat ‘yo self to a nice breakfast

You wake up. It’s 6 AM. You’re tired as hell. You’re thinking…I don’t even feel like eating but maybe some toast will do? *Timer goes off* Why’d you set a timer? Because guess what time it is…it’s time to TREAT ‘YO SELF. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? So make it worth while!

Because you’re going to likely be tired, it’s probably a good idea to make most things for your breakfast the night before! Cut up some fruit, cook some french toast, whatever you love eating in the morning…and leave it in the fridge/freezer until the next day (unless you’re feeling extra energetic one morning). By doing this, you leave your stomach feeling satisfied, and you leave the house in a (hopefully) more positive mood!

6. Meditate/Listen to soothing music

If you’re ever feeling really frustrated or angry, try using one of the two to calm yourself down. For example, Lana del Ray has nice, soothing music that I like to listen to during these situations (and all the time because she’s amazing). Also, meditating can help to clear your mind and make you feel at peace. Try to find a quiet space in your noisy life!

7. Try and understand other people’s actions

The most common reason we get into fights with other people is because we fail to truly understand why they do the things that they do. We also always think we’re the one who is right, which causes problems to forever remain unresolved. If you are constantly ignorant, you will never be able to clearly see things the way they are. Your vision is blurry and understanding is your glasses. 

8. Notice the beauty that surrounds you

There is hidden beauty all around you, whether you choose to see it or not. The sunsets, the trees, your family, flowers, pets, mountains, oceans….all things that are beautiful. And, of course, YOU. You are beautiful, which at least for me, can sometimes be a hard thing to see in myself. Life can be a beautiful picture, but you have to paint it that way.






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