5 Underrated Music Artists That You NEED to Hear!♫

Is anyone else frustrated that there is SO much good music out there yet radios only seem to loop a handful of songs? I understand that they’re the most popular but there is a reason why people start hating them after a while…it’s too much!

Meanwhile, there are so many artists out there waiting for their music to be discovered. So, today, I’m going to be sharing with you 5 music artists that I believe deserve way more of an audience! Obviously we may have differing music tastes, but I genuinely think you will like at least 1  of these artists.  *I do not own any pictures in this post except for the featured image*

  1. Brick + Mortar


Nationality: American

Spotify following: 27K+

Albums: 6

If you like indie rock, you will LOVE them. Their music — especially the song “Voodoo Child”– makes you feel invincible, like you can conquer anything.  Some other notable songs I love from them are “Hollow Tune” and “Locked in a cage”.



Nationality: American

Spotify following: 26K+

Albums: 1

This duo’s genre is electronic, and has dark pop vibes. Their most famous song “Middle Fingers” is described as ” Finding the problem you struggle with, and lifting your middle finger with other people.” I personally love this song and it’s message. Some other songs I love from them are ” Everybody Gets High”, “DWI”, and “I Do What I Want”.

3. Amber Run


Nationality: British

Spotify following: 115K+

Albums: 4 (2 of them are EPs)

Amber run’s music genre is a mix of indie pop and alternative rock. Some of their songs are more mellow while others has more rock vibes. Out of all the artists listed in this post, I’ve known about this band for the longest. Some of my favorite songs include ” No Answers”, “I found”, and “Fickle Game”.

4. Jakey


Nationality: American

Spotify following: 1,200+

Albums: 0 (He’s only come out with a few songs)

Is it hard to judge an artist when they have only come out with 3 different songs? Maybe. But, I truly think this guy’s music is good and worth taking a look at. The genre is a combination of plunderphonics and hip-hop in my opinion. I thought this music video for his song “Cafeteria” was super cool: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvD_84SaB4E   My 2 favorite songs of his are “Cafeteria” and “South Dakota”.

5. The Seige


Nationality: American

Spotify following: 1,100+

Albums: 4 ( They have really short albums)

This hip-hop/rap/alternative duo gives off chill vibes as well as hip-hop vibes in their songs. They are so good and underrated! Their jams are perfect if you want something to dance to or listen to in the car. My faves are “Monsters are everywhere”, “Boing Boing”, “Ctrl+Alt+Del”, and “Bad Habits”.

I highly recommend you check out these music artists, especially if you have never heard of them. They deserve way more recognition than they are currently getting! Just as many of us are bloggers trying to make it with our words, they are trying to make it with their music.




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